Do more.
Stress Less.
Stay in flow.

Taskerr is the todo list that helps you focus on the task at hand.

Just add your tasks in the order you want to do them and hit play.

See it an action.

The UI is simple and distraction free so you can focus on what matters.

Tackle Your Most Ambitious Goals

Lay your tasks out step by step and work your way through them.

Focus on one task at a time.

Once you press play your todo list vanishes and all you see is your current task.

How does it work?

It works like your favorite playlist.

Add Your Tasks
Step 1

Add everything you want to do to your todo list. You can add due dates, tags, and additional information to help you get the task done.

Step 02

Once everything is in, arrange it in the order you'd like to get it done. Most important task first, or a few easy ones to get the momentum going. You can also sort by due date or due today if you don't really have a preference.

Press Play
Step 03

Once your list is just how you'd like it, press play to get started on your first task.

Designed for  maximumfocus.

There are many apps to help you organize your list. Taskerr is the one that helps you get it done.

How is Taskerr Different?

Play Mode

Every todo list app has a list for planning. But todo lists are for doing. With Taskerr you prepare your list and press play to start knocking tasks out.


Flexible tags let you add context to your tasks. Tags can be projects, locations, size or anything else related to the task etc. Filter by tag to focus on the types of tasks you're in the mood for.

No Distractions

Most to do list apps notify you about a task when it's due. That's great if you can get it done instantly, but mostly it's great for stress and noise. Taskerr is a todo list you get ahead of. You work through it. It doesn't work you.